Our Environmetal Impact

We have pledged to be 100% Carbon Neutral by December 2021 

We are very aware that our choices have a big impact on our environment. We are continuously evaluating our practices to minimise our negative environmental impact. By December 2021 we hope that all of our activities will be carbon neutral & we will factor in our supplier's policies when choosing how we source ingredients and supplies.

So far...

A third of our electricity is generated by our own solar panels with surplus heating our hot water

All of our heating and hot water is generated by our Carbon Neutral Biomass Boiler

All of our ingredients are sourced within a 20 mile radius

All of our food waste is composted

All of cardboard, glass, tin and plastic is recycled

We are a collection point for Tassimo Pods, Crisp Packets and Pet Food pouches, which are recycled, raising funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

No waste from the Pub or Bed and Breakfast goes to landfill

We have constructed a wildlife pond to help the local ecology and create habitats for amphibians.